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Growing up in downtown Dallas I always found myself yearning to be on an adventure somewhere or time far from the city life I knew. I remember picturing myself as the main character in a Hemingway or Louis Lamoure story. Throughout my life I have been on many of the adventures I dreamed of as a child, and my work is usually a reflection of an escapade or event that has Influenced the path of my journey. I find the process of constructing a work is its own expedition and the finished work becomes the destination.

The purpose of my work is to explore the balance and harmony that pertains to mortality and youth, as well as the subconscious and physical world. The work itself is a byproduct of my exploration and experimentation to find harmony through the manipulation of the visual weight of objects, colors, textures, space and scale. The unpredictability of nature, the ocean, growth and decay are influential in how I work and play a large role in the ideas that dictate my process.

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